Welcome to Simple Steps Mobility. The purpose of this website is to be an online resource that advocates for aging in place which provides seniors and family caregivers basic information for safe home mobility and proper equipment use in short, simple steps.

Its the project of a home care physical therapist who has 25 years experience helping those who may be injured or infirm (and those that may care for them) learn simple ways of moving more easier in spite of whatever health condition they may be facing.

The information, tips, and strategies you’ll see on this website have been developed over time, in real world conditions, with real people, who have real problems. They are based on the unchanging principles of human movement and efficiency of effort.

While the physical challenges that confront individuals may be as different as the pain from a surgically replaced knee to the inability to move a paralyzed leg after a stroke, the principles of how  a person moves easily and efficiently will never change.

This is because we’re all human  with arms and legs and we move in consistent and predictable ways.

If you’re a caregiver, then this website is written specifically for you.

As a physical therapist, the bulk of my time has been to help relieve the burden of care giving by empowering family caregivers by sharing specific principles of human movement and body mechanics that make the job of physically assisting someone to move around, easier. This will help you feel more comfortable and confident in your abilities.

If the comment section of a particular blog post is open,  please feel free to share your thoughts whether positive, negative, or indifferent. It will only help make this website better.

Thank you,

Simple Steps Mobility