Exercising pretty hard for 30 minutes a day is the ‘prescription for life,’ doctors say

Get the Men’s Fitness newsletter! Regular, consistent exercise is great for improving many things in your life—body image, attractiveness to women, and general health—so congrats for visiting Men’s Fitness, because we’ve got you covered on how to easily integrate simple and effective workouts into your life. But committing yourself to working out, even as late as age 65, can also work as a heart tonic, boosting oxygen intake by almost 20% and making the love muscle over 25% more flexible over sedentary slugs, according to a recent study published in the journal Circulation. Researchers put more than 50 people on an exercise plan that started out slow with three, 30-minute, moderate workouts a week for three months. After 10 months, the participants worked out five days a week, including two sessions of high-intensity interval training. The study followed two groups over two years, one of which did the above protocol under supervision and another who just did yoga and balance training. Full story here…

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